Banner Making, Flash Intro, different graphical format
Влияет ли веб дизайн сайта на его рекламу? Какие тонкости необходимо учитывать при создании сайта? В чем смысл веб дизайна? - на моем сайте Вы найдете всю необходимую информацию о веб дизайне, разработке экслюзивного сайта

Banner Making

Flash Intro - It is useful, to show your customers флэш presentation of products and services you offer. Sometimes it is the only way to give people more additional visual offline information

Flash introduction is a great way to present your company's image, to show to your customers the magnitude of your business. By using the newest technologies, mr.Flasher is able to present your company in the most professional manner. Флэш introduction also makes your веб site more personal, interactive and also more attractive.
If you would like to make an impression on clients Флэш is a way to go. By using this new technology you will be able to position yourself as a leader in your industry.

Flashintro can impress your clients. My Флэш work varies in length and complexity from 5-second inserts to 10-minute Флэш presentations. Флэш presentation allows business to introduce customer to your services or products from the time they enter your site.
  • I shall create for you great Флэш cartoons, greetings cards with soundtrack
  • I shall develop for your site great Флэш introduction of any complexity with a professional soundtrack
  • I shall develop training Флэш rollers, demonstration Флэш rollers, presentation, introductions for веб sites
Introduction is unique to the specific business and service you are in. It utilizes your company logotype as well as other materials.


Its so expensive and not so effective to make an adverisement in a newspaper as it is in the Internet. With the banner you can promote any kind of your production, all day long, all week long, all month long, all year long.

different banner size (standart and non-standart)
  • 468х60 ;
  • 100х100 ;
  • 120х60 ;
  • 88x31 ;
  • etc. ;
different graphical format :
  • Macromedia Flash ;
  • Macromedia Director ;
  • Jpg ;
  • Gif ;
  • Gif animated ;
Samples of my works ›››
on this page I offer to you familiarize with some samples of design of Flash introductions for веб sites
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